We want to have your back and support you in case anything happens. As we are still in the early days we don’t offer insurance yet, but we are working hard on building the strongest policy to make sure that your equipment can be rented safely.

Do I need insurance to rent equipment from others on Beazy?

No, but getting the perfect shot isn’t always safe. Imagine dropping a camera into a river or cracking its lens while shooting a baseball game! So many scenarios need to be covered by photography equipment insurance. What's best for you is an insurance policy that will cover your own cameras, lenses, computers, as well as rented gear and other electronics. It should also cover bags or trailers used to transport the equipment. If you got into an accident on the way to a shoot you need to be covered for damage to equipment and transporting materials. The type of insurance you want is broad enough to cover you for damage or loss from theft, breakages, fire, vandalism, wind damage, water damage and more.

Isn't Equipment Insurance the same as Liability Insurance?

No. Equipment insurance covers your equipment and protects it from loss or damage. General liability insurance, while just as important, will not protect your equipment when you’re out on a shoot. What it will do is protect a person if they get damaged because of you or it will protect your business if you’re sued for damaging someone else’s property or causing bodily injury. Imagine you’re taking photos in someone’s house and your tripod scratches their newly varnished floors. Or you bump over their expensive ornament when bending down to get just the right shot. This is where photographer’s liability insurance becomes important for professional photographers.

Do I need insurance to lend my own equipment to others on Beazy?

We work hard to make Beazy's community the safest place to lend. However, if for any reason your item is lost, stolen or damaged, being covered will prevent all the issues you might encounter. As a photographer, your equipment is your trade (not to mention your baby) and even though you don't have to be insured, a stitch in time prevents nine!

Now that you know why it is better to have a good insurance you can get the right one, go for the golden shot and start making extra-money by sharing your gear with others.
All while knowing that your gear is protected!

Be aware that some policies have crazy exclusions like not covering your camera and equipment outside your home.  It may sound hard to believe, but you do need to check the fine print. 

 Here are some useful links (in no particular order) to make sure you’re safe before you start renting:

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