The sharing economy platform to share anything, anywhere, at anytime

The sharing economy platform to share anything, anywhere, at anytime

Join our early bird program and experience the true meaning of sharing!

Join our early bird program and be the first to experience the true meaning of sharing! 

Share everything

Imagine a world where you can share absolutely anything – from your photography gear to your daily trips or even your cooking skills. A world where we’re all connected to each other, where we all share what we have in a safe and easy way is good for all of us.

The average number of toys owned by a british 10 year old. He only plays with 12 of those on a daily basis.
The number of kg of clothing thrown away each year on average per US citizen.
Million of electronic products end up thrown away each year.


Create platform to rent and sell photography gear in Berlin

Build relay points infrastructure and implement it in Berlin

Add categories until anything can be shared through Beazy

Expand to further cities and countries

Create on-demand delivery infrastructure

Open Beazy to third party developers

Relay points

Coming Early 2019

Beazy lets anyone share their goods and our relay point system makes it easy to do the exchange. 

Relay Points are local businesses that have available space to store your packages for a few hours (i.e. Florists, Bakeries, shoe shops, …). 

This is how it works: a provider drops off his package in the selected store and someone else will pick it up during the day. 


Easily pick up and drop off packages when it suits you.


Choose the relay point you want anywhere in Berlin!


Our relay points are super cheap to use, you can use them for less than 1€.

You can help us set this up even faster!

– If you know or own a shop that could be a relay point in Berlin please contact us here.

– If you already use Beazy let us know how we can make our service better and don’t forget to invite your friends!

The Platform


Spend or make money wherever you are without additional fees.


Our rating system ensures that only trustworthy users are allowed onto Beazy. We've got your back if anything happens to you or your belongings, with an amazing insurance policy.


One platform for every shareable good or service. Never again will you be spending hours looking all over the internet for what you need.

Log into Beazy and see what everyone is sharing around you. See everyone’s profile, ratings and track your deliverer’s arrival. Rent whatever you need, buy your artistic neighbor's creations, or anything else you want in Beazy's consumer side and have it delivered in your hand. Or turn the app around and make easy money through Beazy's provider side, wherever you are.

The Team

Jonas Ngoenha


Student in philosophy and business, Jonas has always been interested in the alternatives to the current social and economic models enabled by technology. He focuses on partnerships, app structure and expansion strategy.

Julia Besson


Julia is a bioengineering graduate from EPFL, devoted to use her scientific and entrepreneurial knowledge to develop technologies that could solve global issues. She works on marketing and finance strategy, as well as brand design.

Aldo Ferrari


Aldo joined the team as he was their coach for As head of Digital User Interface in an IT services provider, he helps business make sense of web & digital. He is considered as an expert in organization’s digital transformations.


Graham Valentine

Currently CEO of a professional services firm, I was formerly CEO of Startup to IPO and WW GM for Hewlett Packard. I’m an experienced start up mentor, with a functional expertise in marketing & sales, and human resources.

Georgette Vun

With over 15 years experience in the legal and structuring world of banking and finance, I advise startups on how to set up and operate their businesses. I am currently the Chief Legal Engineer at Tend Swiss.

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